Saturday, May 13, 2006

Coffs Harbour YHA Hostel, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Where we are: Coffs Harbour is one of the smaller, but most intersting cities on the Eastern Coast of Australia. It offers nice beaches, a vivid nightlife and a brand-new YHA-Hostel. What you get: The hostel lies very close to the beaches and has a lot to offer - surf board rental, a washing room, a well equipped kitchen and - a very friendly staff. Despite the size (around 100 beds), we felt very comfortable at this house. The security is exemplary (you open all doors only with your security card). We paid 60 A$ for a double.

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Rating: The restrooms were very clean and an agreable place to be. No graffiti, no damaged facilities. High standard and well maintained - 3,5 of 5 golden toilets! [Technorati Tags: - - - - - ]

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hippo Lodge, Durban, South Africa

Where we are:
Hippo Lodge is an island of tranquility in the busy and overhelming atmosphere of South African port Durban. Located on a hill, far away of trouble, noise and bad mood.

What you get:
The lodge, in other words a backpacker hostel, is one of these south african surprises you will like - lovely decorated huts, a pool and a bar, and a fortress secure home. A double is yours for 15 US$, and if you have a small car, you can park inside. A supermarket is close, but the beach front is too far away to go by feet.

Rating: All the restrooms are shared and most times you have to leave your hut / room and go outside to get there. You won't regret it as there are spacious, toilet paper providing and invitating to take a shower. The design keeps space with the overall theme at this lodge - yes, you guessed it, hippos. This is good average and therefore 3 of 5 golden toilets!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Café 21, Dornbirn, Austria

Where we are:
In the biggest city of Vorarlberg, the western province of Austria, Dornbirn, we found a nice small café in the center of the town for brunch: Café 21

What you get:
You can have a small selection of different breakfast, ranging from basic ('classic') to american. I chose the 'paris' variation with croissants and big capuccino (Euro 6.20). Oh lá lá. To be a little decadent, we ordered also a glas Prosecco for all of us, which is Euro 2.90 (for one!).

Rating: Besides the food & drinks: the atmosphere was pretty relaxed, you have a smoker and non-smoker section, the interieur was modern and stylish. Overall, Café 21 made a good impression to me. The restrooms offered little space, but the wash bowl was large, clean and smell-less. No extremes to both sides, nothing spectacular like this post: 3 of 5 golden toilets

Friday, April 21, 2006

Panino, Vienna, Austria

Where we are:
Right in the center of the city, where the expensive shopping happens: the Graben in Vienna. Just few steps away in a sidestreet, the miniature coffee shop Panino hides away.

What you get:
A friend told me about their delicious panini, kind of a toasted baguette with cheese and ham and what you want to bite in. She was right, and the capuccino for 3 Euro was expensive as well but not a surprise at this location.

Rating: The panini disappeared, and I went to test the true friendliness of this house. The restroom was a house of horror - bad smell, ugly and sprayed interieur, small; the only thing I touched was my phone cam. This was the last panini I ate here - the owner definitely just wants your money!
2 of 5 golden toilets!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Café Europa, Zollergasse, Vienna, Austria

Where we are:
Nearby the main shopping street (the Mariahilferstrasse) in Vienna, the Zollergasse and other sidestreets retain some nice shops and bars. One of them is Europa, a popular place for twens and students.

What you get:
Europa is a smoker's place - after five minutes your clothes are soaked with smoke. It can be loud, it can be very crowded, and you could probably wait for your order longer than you usually do. But it has atmosphere, something unique, an intersting public and has food also after midnight.
I tried the Wiener Schnitzel, a typical Austrian meat, and I was quite happy due to the size and my big hungry stomach. A friend went for a Gluehwein, another for a regular white wine. Both acceptable and not overpriced. I paid 7,60 Euro for the Schnitzel, and that's ok (Salad was included).

Rating: Now at the next level of customer care, I entered the restroom. Puh! Dark is too bright to tell, and the smell was one of the fierce mode. When the guy pissing right next to me smoked the full length of his cigarette without touching it, then I said that's a special restroom culture they have right there. Could be a lot better, but it's special, somehow. Try it at 2 of 5 smoky toilets!